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Ray Mallick started Vector Builders Ltd. several years ago with the pursuit and goal to build, sell and/or own real estate either commercial or residential. Ray Mallick comes from a Fort Worth based real estate development and building family who’s been in business since 1965. Vector Builders Ltd. commitment and loyalty to its projects are shown through the workmanship and quality of work put in every project. Through decorative design work, and user feedback along with market collaboration Vector Builders Ltd maintains and upholds buildings and developments that are suitable for the surrounding areas. Ray Mallick along with Vector Builders Ltd. wants to thank you for the opportunity for letting us build your commercial or residential project.

Vector Builders’ special framing techniques and improved up-to-date building materials reduces the risk of internal leaks and drafts.

Vector Builders makes sure that all homes are constructed with proper ventilation for fresh air intake to reduce dust, odors, and to reduce extreme heat in the hot summer attics.

Vector Builders maintains its goal of providing you, the homebuyer, up-to-date energy saving insulation material as well as providing Low-E glass and higher R-Value material than the required code for insulation.

Vector Builders understands that Texas has drastic climate changes and dedicates itself on providing the best, proper, and right size mechanical units to heat and cool your home. Vector Builders always goes beyond the minimal code to reassure that your home will heat and cool fast, as well as evenly all throughout.

Vector Builders believes in watching and overseeing the construction of every home to make sure you, the homebuyer, are satisfied and the home is built to specification. Ray Mallick, owner of Vector Builders, will be on the job site weekly for inspections and quality control. Vector Builders only hires reliable and professional contractors to construct your home.

Vector Builders respects the environment and is committed to save you money on monthly utility bills. That’s why we provide and build with green products and go beyond the city building code to provide energy efficient products.

Vector Builders understands that not everyone has the same idea for their home. That’s why we are committed to design a plan specifically for you. You have the opportunity to lay out exactly what you want and how you want it. We understand that this is your home and providing just some minor options and changes may not be enough for your wants and needs, but when you design your own plan you then have the opportunity to meet all your needs and wants.

Vector Builders will provide you, the homebuyer, with a 10-year insurance warranty. In addition, we guarantee that your foundation is both designed and approved by a structural engineer.

Vector Builders understands that detail and craftsmanship complete a home; therefore, the owner of the company walks each home repeatedly with a keen eye looking for errors and correcting them.

Vector Builders understands that building a home starts with the sales staff and ends with the title company. Therefore we go out of our way to have the best on-site sales team available, the best professional building team constructing your home, and a wonderful dedicated executive team overseeing all pieces to make sure that things are not complicated or intimidating. We will walk you through the start to the very end including going over any questions you have about mortgages, title, design and construction.

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